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Upgrade Successful

The upgrade from version 8.9 to 9.0 Campus Solutions (SFIS) and 9.1 HRMS is complete and was successful.  The links to the right are working.  There may still be some issues with individual pages that were not seen during the Sunday testing.  Please e-mail upgrade@wesleyan.edu to report any problems.

After 3 PM on Sunday the technical staff will not be available until Monday morning.  Thanks to everyone for the work you have put in to make this a successful upgrade.

The final round of “live testing” is ready as of Sunday, July 15 at 11 am.  Users in offices around campus have come in for “testing” in the new CS90 and HR91 PROD databases.  If you are a tester links to the databases are to the right on this blog.

Only “live” data should be entered in the PROD databases.  These are the databases that will be open to the campus tomorrow.  In addition please test the new production portfolio as much as possible.

Any problems should be reported to upgrade@wesleyan.edu.  All of the technical staff that support SFIS and HRMS are in their offices today until 2 PM.

Upgrade Under Way

The upgrade of SFIS is under way.

  • Production WFS, the financial system, is  unavailable from Friday at 1:00 PM until Monday morning 7/16.
  • A view-only copy of PS89TEST with data as of noon today is now available.  Click HERE to login.  Use your e-mail user name and e-mail password to enter.
  • All Portfolios are down until Sunday afternoon.

Check this blog for updates.

The final production upgrade of  SFIS/HRMS begins Thursday, July 12 at noon.  The current 8.9 PROD of SFIS will come down promptly at noon, as well as all portfolios.  The upgrade will proceed through the weekend.  Testers from the major offices will come in on Sunday late morning to do “live-testing” on the new production systems.  We expect the new version 9.0 SFIS and 9.1 HRMS databases to be open to all users Monday morning.

This blog will be updated during the upgrade weekend with new information and links.

Final Test Period

The final test move before the go-live weekend has been completed as of June 28.  Please go into CS90TEST and HR91TEST to review the functionality you expect.  While it is not required that you go through your full test scripts, you should do enough testing to be satisfied that everything is working properly.  The data in the TEST databases is as of June 14.   Use the links to the right to get to the login pages.  The test Portfolio Systems are also up.

 Although we cannot incorporate any more changes into the upgrade scripts, please contact us if any functionality is not working.  We are maintaining a list of reported “bugs” and will fix as many as possible in the new PROD database on Sunday, July 15.  Send issues to sfisrequest@wesleyan.edu.

 Thank you again for all the time and effort you have put into the upgrade process.  We are close to seeing the end of the tunnel!

As on May 29 the new test portfolio is available.  Us the link in the right column and below to access portfolio and test portfolio applications for your office.  A spreadsheet of portfolio applications available for testing is also linked below and at the right.

Link to spreadsheet listing portfolio applications with PeopleSoft data:  Click Here

Link to test portfolio login:  Click Here

Third Test Period

The third test period is open until June 15.  All user offices should go through all of their test scripts.  This will be the last opportunity to make sure the new Campus Solutions 9.0 database is working for all offices before our scheduled go-live the weekend of July 13-15.  More details will be published soon about the schedule for the go-live weekend.

Use the links to the right to log into the test databases.

Second Test Period

The second user testing period is now open through April 27.  Click the links below to access the database where you wish to test:

Campus Solutions (SFIS):  CS90TEST 

Human Resources (HRMS): HR91TEST

Log in with your e-mail user name and e-mail password.  The data  is as of February 17, 2012.  All offices should go through all test scripts.  Test menu access, adding and updating data to pages, run queries, run processes and reports.  Send any errors, omitted information or problems to:


PORTFOLIO TESTING:  Testing portfolio links will begin April 9.  You will be contacted about which links are ready for testing and how to get into the test portfolio.


The SFIS Test database is now open for users.  This database is the new “Campus Solutions” (CS) database that will not contain Human Resourses pages for updating.  The link to the login for this database is below.  Login with your e-mail user name and password.

CS90TEST Login

Many customizations have not yet been moved into the TEST database, but we are actively working on them.

During your testing, please use the e-mail address below to report errors, security access problems or other issues with your testing.  Be as specific as possible with your reporting, such as including navigation to the page, the wesid you were using, etc.



The upgrade of the SFIS and HR databases to the new versions will go live for the campus community on Monday, July 16.  The final upgrade process will begin by shutting down our current SFIS/HRMS database at 5 PM on Thursday, July 12.  All user offices will be able to still go into the 8.9 system, but in view-only mode.  No data will be able to be updated.

The process of upgrading will occur between 5 PM July 12 and Sunday Morning, July 15.  On Sunday afternoon, July 15, representative of all offices will be asked to do final testing on the new upgraded databases.  More details on this testing process will be available as we approach the go-live weekend.

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